Contract and Subaward Logs Available to Campus

The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) offers a way for you to easily view the status of agreements being processed through our office, inviting you to make use of our Contract Log and Subaward Log.  These two web-based applications were designed to increase your access to contract-specific information during DSP review and negotiation.

UI employees may access the Contract Log and Subaward Log within the University of Iowa Research Information System (UIRIS).  After obtaining Elevated Access to the logs, as described below, you will be able to check the status of externally funded agreements, non-monetary agreements, and outgoing subawards processed by DSP.  Both logs provide for tiered access, allowing Principal Investigators to view their own agreements; departmental administrators to view agreements for PIs within their departments; and collegiate administrators to view agreements for PIs within their colleges.

Highlights of the Contract Log for externally funded agreements and research-related non-monetary agreements:

  • Status of the agreement (pre-routing, negotiating, pending signature, completed, post-award questions)
  • During negotiations, the status of the negotiation (e.g., date of the last action and who is responsible for the next action)
  • A link to draft and final agreements as well as related correspondence
  • DSP reviewer/negotiator
  • Search function

Highlights of the Subaward Log for outgoing subawards:

  • A link to draft and final agreements
  • UPS tracking information
  • Dates sent and signed
  • DSP reviewer/negotiator
  • Search function

To view these logs, you must have an active UIRIS account, and request special access to these modules. If you don't already have a UIRIS account, you may request access at

If you have a UIRIS account, you should complete and submit the Elevated Access form.

We did our best to design these applications to be user-friendly, however if you would like individual or group training please contact  Wendy Beaver, Sr. Associate Director of DSP, 335-2122 or