Sponsored project funding comes from a range of external sources -- i.e., sponsors -- including government agencies, business interests, and nonprofit organizations. Such sponsors issue various types of solicitations, announcing the availability of funding to support projects within specific areas of interest. The University of Iowa offers a range of funding-related tools to discover potential sources of support and identify the best matches for particular projects and needs. This section includes information on the various types of funding organizations and the resources for identifying potential sources of support. This section links to information on funding through federal and state agencies and private organizations; institutional nomination and internal funding sources; and funding databases and publications that can assist you in the search for funding. Please visit the following subsections:

  • Federal Agencies 
    Links to the various federal funding agency sites; detailed information on the NIH and NSF; and resources for identifying potential federal sponsors to match a given project. 
  • Funding Databases 
    A collection of commercial databases available to the UI community, searchable by keyword and other criteria for matching potential funding sources to a given project.
  • Pivot Funding Database
    An easy-to-use searchable database that provides information on funding opportunities from federal, non-federal, foundation, corporate, and other private sponsors across all disciplines. Available to the University of Iowa community.
  • Funding Publications 
    Links to electronic versions of various federal, private, and UI-produced publications that provide information about funding opportunities.
  • Grant Bulletin 
    UI's own online bulletin of upcoming funding opportunities and news of interest to our research community.
  • Institutional Nomination: UI Limited Submission Opportunities 
    Information on the UI system for selecting candidates for high-profile programs that limit the number of applications from a given institution, linking to descriptions of such programs.
  • Internal Funding 
    Information on the range of internal funding opportunities available to UI faculty, staff, and students.
  • Private Organizations 
    An alphabetical listing of businesses, foundations, societies, and other organizations offering sponsored project support.
  • State Funding 
    A listing of Iowa government funding opportunities.
  • Set ​Up Your Own Personalized External Funding Alerts 
    A listing of federal and non-federal/private funding alerts available for personal use.