Thursday, August 1, 2013


TO:          Faculty and Staff

FROM:   Daniel Reed, Vice President for Research & Economic Development

RE:          My Research Portal

DATE:    July 8th, 2013
We are pleased to present a dynamic new web interface, My Research Portal (, for your use.  My Research Portal integrates many of the systems and websites that researchers and administrative staff need to administer successful and compliant research programs. 

With a single login, users can:
- View a quick summary of their current and pending research projects, including financial and compliance information about those projects
- Access research administration systems from one place, including UIRIS, HawkIRB, eCOI, Wellspring Sophia (Invention Disclosures), and more
- View their action items related to proposal routing forms, non-monetary routing forms, and advance MFK routing forms (e.g. signature required in workflow)
- View high-level research announcements from VPR&ED units
- Delegate access to administrative staff

My Research Portal is designed for easy access to essential research administrative systems and websites.  Answers to frequently asked questions about how My Research Portal works are available at:

All of us in the Office of the VPR&ED know that the competition for research funding is intense and the administrative burdens imposed by funding agencies can be higher than any of us would like.  We're trying to make things as simple and straightforward as possible. The portal will continue to improve and expand based on your feedback and suggestions. Please send your ideas to