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PI Transfer/Departure

Please note that for a PI Transfer/Departure it is a two step process, the PI Transfer/Departure Form AND the Grant Transfer Form.

If a Principal Investigator will be leaving his/her UI position, or will be transitioning to an Emeritus or Adjunct status, a PI Transfer/Departure Form must be completed. It is recommended that the department initiate the process described below at least 90 days, whenever possible, prior to the PI's change in position.


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New UI PI Named
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Becoming Emeritus Faculty
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UI Workflow Instructions




If a PI's position at the University changes (PI Transfer/Departure Form)

This form is used only for federal and non-federal sponsored projects (funds 500/510) to notify DSP, GAO, HSO, IACUC and EHS of the status of an individual project when the PI's position at UI changes. A separate form must be filled out for each project.

Changes requiring the form to be submitted include:

  • PI is transferring to a new institution or other employment
  • PI is terminating position at UI
  • Pi status is changing at UI to either adjunct professor or emeritus

The form will be initiated by the PI's department through workflow. The form can also be found at DSP e-Forms.  The form will automatically route to GAO for review.  GAO approval is only an indication that the form has been completed accurately, and appropriate documentation is attached to proceed with the requested action. This will trigger DSP communication with the sponsor to receive their approval for the requested course of action.

This form is used only for changes in PI status. Transfers/departures of any other key personnel must adhere to sponsor guidelines. Contact DSP for more information.

If a PI has internal, departmental, or unfunded sources


If a PI has non-external funding sources that support research with humans, animals, or a wet lab, complete the Internal/Unfunded PI Transfer/Departure Form. With the exception of the source of funding, the same conditions as noted above apply for the completion of this form.


If a grant is being transferred to the PI's new institution (Grant Transfer Form)


In addition to the PI Transfer/Departure Form, a separate Grant Transfer Form is required for each project (grant/program #/Sequence #) for the PI.  You must attach the Grant Transfer Form to the PI TRansfer/Departure Form.


If a PI transitions to emeritus or adjunct status (Retired, Adjunct or Visiting Professor as PI)


If a PI wishes to continue to manage the grant but his/her status of employment at UI will be changing to emeritus or adjunct faculty, follow the procedures set by the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost for Emeritus Faculty Status or Adjunct Appointment. The Department Approval Form for Retired Adjunct or Visiting Professors as PI should be attached to the PI Transfer/Departure Form upon submission. If the PI does not wish to continue to manage the grant and the project is ending, the PI Transfer/Departure Form is still required but no additional forms will be needed.


If a new UI PI is named (requires new UI Routing Form, Proposal Type: Change of PI)


If the grant will be staying at the UI and a new UI PI is assigned to take over management of the grant, this requires a new UI Routing Form.  Attach the following documents to the UI Routing Form:

  • Letter to the sponsor explaining why the replacement PI is qualified, in addition to any special arrangements that may need to occur, such as a subaward to the current PI at the new institution
  • Biosketch of the new PI
  • Current & pending support of the new PI


Workflow path and approvals


Once the form is submitted to workflow, it will route to the Department Research Administrator and then all Active Awards will go to GAO.  GAO will verify the form has been completed and appropriate documentation is attached. With GAO approval on Active Awards and all Proposals, email notifications will be sent to DSP and other administrative units as applicable. These email notifications will initiate the next steps depending on the circumstances.  Next steps may include obtaining additional approvals, notifying the sponsor, and/or proceeding with close-out of the project.