The University of Iowa

Reporting a Concern Related to Export Control

Federal export control laws restrict the export of goods, technology, related technical data, and certain services in the interest of protecting the national security and domestic economy.  Research may be subject to these laws if it involves the actual export or “deemed” export of goods, technology, or related technical data that is inherently military in nature or has military implications.  If research is determined to be subject to export controls, an export control license from the federal government may be required and procedures will be instituted to limit access to the technology and related data.  Failure to comply with export controls has very serious consequences for the individual researcher(s).  

If you have a concern about compliance with export control laws, please contact the Export Control Coordinator for investigation.

You may report your concern by any of the following methods:

  1. Call the Export Control – Empowered Official, Wendy Beaver – (319-335-2123)
  2. E-mail the Empowered Official at (
  3. Address a campus envelope to the Export Control – Empowered Official, Division of Sponsored Programs, 2 Gilmore Hall, and mark it “Confidential”