The University of Iowa

Salaries and Personnel

Salaries of tenured and non-tenured faculty members and other personnel associated directly with the research constitute appropriate direct cost in proportion to the time each expects to spend on the research. Secretaries and administrative salaries are generally not allowed on government sponsored projects. The budget must include the percentage of time that will be spent on the grant in terms of nine- or twelve-month appointments and the total amount of salary to be charged to the grant. Summer support may be considered to be two-ninths or three-ninths of the academic year salary. The length of support is at the discretion of the applicant's department and college.

For research scientists, research assistants, professional assistants, and other personnel (technical, clerical, undergraduate students), the percentage of time and rate of pay indicated for each position must be listed. Salaries charged against grant funds must follow a scale consistent with the regular practices of the University. However, salaries for the initial budget period should be adjusted to provide for salary increases due to cost of living, promotion, or meeting University decompression standards for professional and scientific staff. (Fellowships are not an allowable cost on research grants.) Grants may not be used to augment the total salary or rate of salary of University faculty members.

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