The University of Iowa

University of Iowa Research Information System (UIRIS)


The University of Iowa originally developed UIRIS to collect data and report on sponsored project applications and awards. Today, UIRIS is central to the UI's effort to develop its  capabilities for electronic routing, internal nomination, application submission, award notification, and project tracking. UI principal investigators and departmental administrators may access UIRIS in order to complete the University of Iowa Proposal Routing Form; view records of sponsored project applications and awards on the DSP Research Tracker; and perform other, related e-functions.

Sponsored Project Research Information Electronically (SPRIE)

SPRIE* is a UIRIS-based, institution-wide system for searching UI grant and contract information and reporting on sponsored projects funded at UI for more than the past forty years.  SPRIE may be searched via a web browser by using search terms such as:  investigator name, department, keyword, and a host of other terms (UI Sequence Number; UI Grant/Program Number; etc.) that may be useful to departmental research administrators.

*If you are wondering where the term "SPRIE" came from, it is actually the nickname of the first UI VP For Research (1966 - 1970) Duane C. Spriestersbach.  In 1968, "Sprie" was instrumental in setting up what was then a state-of-the-art grants database, using a mainframe system.  The initial UIRIS grant and contract data were extracted from that system, and made available via web browser access in 1995 by the UI Division of Sponsored Programs. To honor Sprie's forsight in the area of grant and contract data management over the decades, we "made up" words that fit the letters in his nickname: SPRIE (Sponsored Project Research Information Electronically). Granted, we struggled just a bit, but it works!

electronic Award Activation and Account Notification (eAAAN)

  • The Division of Sponsored Programs receives electronic notices of awards from sponsors such as NIH and NSF and issues an eAAAN that distributes award information -- including the corresponding account (a.k.a., the Master File Key, or MFK) established for the award -- to the principal investigator and appropriate collegiate and departmental administrators. 

UI Limited Submission Opportunities

  • In some cases, a sponsor might elect to limit the number of applications from a given institution, requiring the institution to select its applicant(s). In these cases, the opportunity is posted in the Grant Bulletin's UI Limited Submission Opportunities and the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) conducts an internal selection process to track, announce, and select the UI applicant(s). See Limited Submissions for more information.