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What to do if you get a validation error on the HSCTI form Study Title field in Cayuse

The new PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information form within the latest Forms-E packet is generating some confusion in relation to the “Study Title” field. Though NIH is indicating the Study Title may span up to 600 characters, is imposing a limit of 30. Note that the requirement takes precedence over the NIH guidance, meaning applicants must abide by the 30-character limit; failure to do so will result in a rejection, preventing the application from proceeding to NIH. In response, Cayuse has revised its own validations to reflect the 30-character limit, so applicants can be aware and address this issue prior to submission.

If you are preparing to submit your proposal and encounter a validation error like this:

Validation error image

That means one of your study titles is over the length limit. This error must be fixed or the proposal will be rejected by To fix it, simply navigate over to the Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information form:

How to fix error

This will resolve the error related to the HSCTI study title length.

If you have questions or run into issues, please contact Cayuse Support at (503) 297-2108 x201 or open a ticket via the Help Center.