DSP Staff Directory

DSP Contacts for Grants

Sponsor: Federal Agency

Primary Contact(s)

Secondary Contact

NIH Paul Below
Lynn Hudachek
Linda Meyer
NIH Progress Reports
(RPPR or paper)
Linda Meyer Paul Below
Lynn Hudachek
NSF Paul Below
Linda Meyer
John Massa
Lynn Hudachek
Linda Meyer
CMS Paul Below Mary Blackwood
DOD,  NASA Lynn Hudachek Linda Meyer
DOEd Mary Blackwood Paul Below
DOE Linda Meyer Lynn Hudachek
DOJ, EPA, USDA Paul Below
Lynn Hudachek
Linda Meyer
DOS, USAID Mary Blackwood Tracy Titus
HRSA John Massa Paul Below
Lynn Hudachek


Mary Blackwood Tracy Titus
USAID Mary Blackwood Tracy Titus


Sponsor: Private Organizations

Primary Contact(s)

Secondary Contact

AHA Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Lynn Hudachek
Linda Meyer
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
Carver Charitable Trust Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
proposalCENTRAL Sponsors
(e.g., ACS, ALA, CFF, Komen, etc.)
Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
March of Dimes Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
Misc. Voluntary Health Organizations Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer
Private Foundations Mary Blackwood
Tracy Titus
Linda Meyer

DSP Contacts for Agreements/Contracts


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Secondary Contact

Clinical Trials
All UI Colleges/Departments Adwin Hesseltine
Linda Jones
Loren LeClair
Jeff Martin
  All Other Agreements
College of Business Adwin Hesseltine Angi Roemerman
College of Dentistry Jeff Martin Angi Roemerman
College of Education Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
College of Engineering
(includes NADS & IIHR)
John Weis Kathie Gonzales
College of Law Adwin Hesseltine Angi Roemerman
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
(all departments except Physics)
Loren LeClair Angi Roemerman
Physics Adwin Hesseltine Angi Roemerman
College of Medicine    
Anatomy & Cell Biology Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Anesthesia Loren LeClair Kathie Gonzales
Biochemistry Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Cancer Center Linda Jones Kathie Gonzales
Cardiothoracic Surgery Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Center on Aging Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Dermatology Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Emergency Medicine Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Family Medicine Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Internal Medicine Linda Jones Angi Roemerman
Microbiology Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Neurology Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Neurosurgery Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Obstetrics & Gynecology Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Ophthalmology Jeff Martin Kathie Gonzales
Orthopaedics Jeff Martin Kathie Gonzales
Otolaryngology Linda Jones Kathie Gonzales
Pathology Loren LeClair Kathie Gonzales
Pediatrics Jeff Martin Kathie Gonzales
Pharmacology Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Physical Therapy Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Psychiatry Jeff Martin Kathie Gonzales
Radiation Oncology Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Radiology Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Surgery Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
Urology Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
College of Nursing Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
College of Pharmacy Adwin Hesseltine Angi Roemerman
College of Public Health Diana Boeglin Angi Roemerman
Graduate College Diana Boeglin Angi Roemerman
Other Administrative Units    
Broadcasting Services Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
CBB (Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
CDD (Center for Disabilities and Development) Loren LeClair Kathie Gonzales
CGRER (Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research) John Weis Kathie Gonzales
Hancher Auditorium Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
State Hygienic Laboratory Loren LeClair Kathie Gonzales
Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Loren LeClair Kathie Gonzales
Iowa Health & Disability Resource Center Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
International Programs Jeff Martin Kathie Gonzales
Office of State Archaeologist Adwin Hesseltine Angi Roemerman
Public Policy Center Diana Boeglin Kathie Gonzales
Student Services Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales
UI Libraries Adwin Hesseltine Kathie Gonzales


All DSP Staff

DSP Staff

Wendy Beaver Sponsored Research Director 335-2122
Paul Below Sr Sponsored Research Spec 335-2109
Mary Blackwood Sponsored Research Specialist 335-3968
Diana Boeglin Sponsored Research Specialist 335-9580
Pat Cone-Fisher Compliance Specialist 335-3582
Nathan Cook Data Analyst 335 2127
Kathie Gonzales Admin Services Coordinator 384-1289
Adwin Hesseltine Sponsored Research Specialist 335-2428
Lynn Hudachek Sr Sponsored Research Spec 335-3540
Linda Jones Sponsored Research Specialist 353-5800
Jennifer Lassner Assistant Vice President for Research 335-2123
Loren LeClair Sponsored Research Specialist 335-2120
Maureen Mahns Admin Services Coordinator 335-2176
Jeff Martin Sr Sponsored Research Spec 335-2158
John Massa Sr Sponsored Research Spec 335-2108
Brittany Murdock Admin Services Coordinator 335-9575
Linda Meyer Sr Sponsored Research Spec 335-2129
Dave Myers Research Support Specialist 335-3709
Edie Pierce-Thomas Admin Services Coordinator 335-2112
Angela Roemerman Sponsored Research Coordinator 335-0452
Sue Schmucker Clerk III 335-2125
Melissa Shriver Admin Services Coordinator 335-2110
Oliva Smith Research Support Specialist 335-3708
Tracy Titus Sponsored Research Coordinator 335-3202
John Weis Sponsored Research Specialist 384-3298
Graduate Student Services
Jennifer Teitle Sponsored Research Coordinator 335-3597
Student Office Assistants
Tyler Kinney Office Assistant 335-2123
Allie Pastrnak Office Assistant 335-2123