Application Process

University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students seek funding from a range of governmental and private sources, including federal/state agencies, business interests, and nonprofit organizations. The content of any given application will vary, differing from sponsor to sponsor and, possibly, from program to program under the same sponsor. Each sponsor/program carries particular budget guidelines that specify, to one degree or another, the eligible budget categories and funding limits. Applicants must carefully review all available guidelines to ensure a complete application in accordance with sponsor requirements. Completed applications are also subject to University of Iowa requirements, which must be met prior to submission. The information in the following subsections in intended to guide the application process from completion through submission.

Budget Preparation

Information to aid your budget development.

Copying and Mailing Deadlines

The procedure for requesting photocopying and courier-delivery services through the Division of Sponsored Programs.

Frequently Needed Information

Although individual sponsors develop unique forms and processes, certain information is commonly requested on applications for sponsored project funding. Application forms frequently require, for instance, the UI's Entity Identification Number; facilities & administrative cost rates; tax status and documentation; animal welfare/human subjects compliance information; and other registrations, codes, and credentials. Applicants may access this type of institutional information through this DSP site.

Proposal Preparation & Submission 

A range of information and tools to aid the application completion and submission processes.

UI Routing Policy, Procedure

Once the application is completed, it must be "routed" through departmental, collegiate, and central institutional channels (i.e., the Division of Sponsored Programs) for review and approval prior to submission to an external funding source.  The UI routing policy/procedure applies universally, to every proposal seeking external funding, as described in the UI Routing Policy, Procedure section of the website. Applicants should carefully review the information in that section to ensure awareness of, and adherence to, the UI routing requirements.