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Subawards from The University of Iowa

Subawards from The University of Iowa


The University of Iowa issues outgoing subawards when a portion of the work related to an externally funded project is to be performed by a third party. The Division of Sponsored Programs develops and negotiates the general administrative terms for subawards. The PI is responsible for determining the budget and monitoring subaward performance and payment, overseeing the budget and scope of work for compliance with UI and sponsor policies and the terms of the prime award. Grant Accounting and Accounts Payable work with the risk assessment, invoices, and payment.  See ‘Outgoing Subaward Roles and Responsibilities’ below for more information.

News and Updates

eDSP Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Module is live, May 7, 2018.  For instructions on making a request, visit the OGS Request Module page.

We have an updated FORM I for new OGS requests.  Please use this form moving forward.

Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Roles and Responsibilities

For an overview of the University of Iowa responsible parties involved in the outgoing subawards, please review this Outgoing Subaward Overview Process Flowchart.  This flowchart corresponds with the links below, which provide a detailed description of each party’s roles and responsibilities. Please click on the corresponding link for your role and responsibility, or on any link to view others' roles and responsibilities. 

Outgoing Subaward Process

Preparing to Request a Subaward

Before a new subaward or amendment can be requested, a few items must first be in place:

Initiating a Subaward Request (New and Amendment)

A new subaward or amendment to a current subaward is requested through the specific project found on the DSP Research Tracker.  To initiate the subaward request:

  • Search for the project in the DSP Research Tracker
  • Select the ‘Project’ view
  • Select ‘Outgoing Subawards’ at the bottom of the page
  • Select ‘Initiate a New Subaward or Amendment’ and follow the wizard
  • For details on completing the request, visit the eDSP Subaward Request Module

If you have questions about outgoing subawards, please email DSP or call 335-2123. Outgoing subawards are generally assigned to DSP staff according to the PI's college or unit. Click here for the DSP staff directory.


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