The University of Iowa

Outgoing Subaward Roles and Responsibilities: Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP)

Reviews the Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Request

  • Reviews the OGS Request and ensures that:
    • UI has sponsor approval
    • Subaward dates fall within the current funded period
    • Subaward budget amount and format (including Subrecipient F&A rate and cost sharing, as applicable) are approved by the prime sponsor and within the appropriate limits per sponsor’s policies and the prime award.
    • Appropriate attachments are included as needed: Scope of Work, Budget, Budget Justification, Form I (for new subawards), and Form B (Conflict of Interest in Research Form), if applicable
    • Works with the Conflict of Interest in Research office for Form B review if needed

Drafts and sends subaward

  • Drafts the subaward
    • Selects the appropriate subaward template and prepares the agreement, incorporating appropriate flow through provisions of the UI's prime award.
    • Sends the subaward agreement to the subrecipient via DocuSign for review and electronic signature, unless specifically requested by the subrecipient to send via email.
    • In the OGS enters the date sent to the subrecipient. This triggers an automatic e-mail to the UI Contacts indicated on the request with a link to the project view in the DSP Research Tracker where the subaward draft will be.
    • Negotiates general administrative terms with the subrecipient. Consults with the PI and department regarding questions on the scope of work and budget.
    • Monitors the OGS module monthly to follow up with the subrecipient if the signed agreement is not returned to DSP.

Logs and Mails Subaward and PO

  • Receives the fully signed subaward via DocuSign
    • Both parties will sign electronically via DocuSign and receive the fully signed subaward
  • Confirms completion of subaward terms and signatures
  • Enters the date signatures received in the OGS
  • Uploads the fully signed agreement into the OGS
  • If the mailing address is different than the OGS, adds a note to the internal comments box
  • Completes OGS record and pushes PO information into Accounts Payable (AP/PO)