Before submitting an eDSP Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Request, the following requirements must be in place:

  • Subrecipient Budget and Statement of Work – The Principal Investigator must negotiate the Subrecipient budget and statement of work, ensuring the SOW conforms to the performance measures and all other requirements outlined in the prime award. 
  • Subrecipient Information Form (formerly Form I) – Must be completed for each subaward.
  • Prior Approval – The University of Iowa must have the sponsoring agency’s permission to issue a subaward. Principal Investigators may obtain prior approval at either the proposal or post-award stage:
  1. Proposal Stage – Include the subaward as part of the grant or contract proposal. The subaward must be incorporated into the proposal and into the proposal budget. To request prior approval as part of the proposal, Subrecipients should already have been chosen. Please share this checklist with potential subrecipients.  
    • Special Condition for Fixed Price Subawards – If you know at the proposal stage a subaward will be fixed price, the intent to issue a fixed price subaward must be explicit in the proposal and in the budget/budget justification. Provided that’s accomplished, no further approval is necessary at award.  If unknown at the time of proposal or determined post-award, the fixed price subaward request will require the detailed information outlined above and follow the steps for requesting approval at the post-award stage. 
  2. Post-Award Stage – Request approval from the sponsor to issue a subaward as part of an active grant or contract. The request should include all details of the subaward, including the proposed Subrecipient, scope of work, cost, and a justification for the subaward. In general, requests don’t need to be routed through UI channels, but must be forwarded to the agency through DSP. Check with DSP to verify the exact format required by the sponsor. DSP will sign a request letter on behalf of the Vice President for Research, if necessary, and forward the request to the sponsor.

Once the above requirements are in place, the OGS request may be submitted, with corresponding documentation attached. 

For submission of the OGS request, click here.