Frequently Asked Questions


1. When is Subrecipient Information Form required?

  • Subrecipient Information Form is required for new subaward or competitive renewals agreement requests.  This would be when you have either a) have never initiated  subaward from the project before or b) you are initiating a subaward to a subrecipient that does not currently have an active agreement in place with your project. 

2. What is the process when my BR flips?

  • The process for initiating an amendment when your BR flips will now be the same as when it does not flip.  You will start an amendment request in the Research Tracker the same way for both scenarios.  Our eDSP system will handle the BR flipping in the background.

3. What is the FDP COI Clearinghouse?

  • The FDP COI Clearinghouse is a site that provides a central location for educational institutions and other entities to document that they are in compliance with the PHS Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) rules and regulations.

4. What is the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse?

  • The FDP Expanded Clearinghouse is a site that uses on-line entity profiles in lieu of subrecipient commitment forms to obtain information needed by pass-through entities when they are issuing subawards or monitoring their subrecipient entities.  Information such as DUNS, EIN, Congressional District, registration, institution type, etc. may all be found here.  The University of Iowa became a part of this pilot in July of 2017.

5. I can't find the project.  What do I do?

  • You may not have individual access to a specific project.  Please call or email DSP and we will assist you in gaining access.

6. I can't find the subrecipient.  What do I do?

  • If you are unable to find the subrecipient you wish to initiate an agreement to, you will need to send a vendor application and set-up a vendor profile through Purchasing.  Information regarding new vendors may be found here:

7. There are so many addresses for the subrecipient, which one do I choose?

  • Look for the address that matches, or closely matches, the Administrative Contact on FORM I.  To update a vendor address, please contact Purchasing's Vendor File Team (  Please note that this will not stop your request from being submitted to DSP.

8. Why doesn't DSP have a webform to collect the subrecipient information to import into the form?

  • Due to system limitations, we are unable to offer a webform at this time.  However, we plan to develop this at a later date.

9. My form won't submit because of a Workflow error.  How do I fix that?

  • If your form will not submit because of a Workflow error, please contact your workflow administrator.

10. The statement of work and/or budget haven't changed since the last request.  How do I submit the request without these documents attached?

  • If you receive a validation error because of this, please upload what was previous submitted and label the attachments appropriately. This will lift the validation and your form will be submitted.

11. I have several different scopes of work for the same subrecipient, how do I keep them straight?

  • We have included a field on the request form for a Nickname.  This is useful for keeping several subawards with varying SOW’s straight.