Outgoing Subaward Roles and Responsibilities: Accounts Payable (AP)

Reviews Invoices and Processes Payment

  • AP schedules payment on the PO payment terms and the invoices date. 
    • Subaward/PO payments terms are generally "N30".
  • If past due invoice is received by AP, the payment will be schedule to pay 7 days from receipt of the invoice.
  • If invoices are less than $10,000 and not equipment, then payment is processed automatically based on AP’s scheduled payment.
  • If invoices are greater than $10,000 or equipment, then payment is not processed until a signed voucher report is submitted to AP by the department.
  • Check is cut/mailed to ACH'd to

* Note: The Dept and GAO must confirm that a subaward number is completed and ready to close before Purchasing/AP will close the PO.