All revisions, amendments, and modifications to existing subawards must be made in writing and signed by both the University of Iowa and the Subrecipient. This includes changes to the Key Personnel involved at the Subrecipient entity, changes to the budget or statement of work, and any other programmatic or administrative changes. 

To request a revision of an existing subaward with funding and/or time to the Subrecipient, initiate an amendment through the DSP Research Tracker. 

Any proposed revision must be consistent with University of Iowa policies and the terms of the original grant or contract.

In some cases, the sponsor of the original grant or contract must approve all revisions. If this is applicable, DSP will notify the Principal Investigator of the proper procedures.

After a proposed revision has been drafted by DSP and signed by both the University of Iowa and the Subrecipient, the administrative procedures are similar to those of new subawards.

Subaward Close Out

  • PI/Department should contact GAO and DSP if there are issues with a subrecipient’s performance on a project.
    • Not providing regular invoicing
    • Not providing regular reports/demonstrating work on the project
    • Not meeting deliverables/milestones or other objectives of project
  • Flow-down Reporting Requirements
    • PI works with GAO to collect subrecipient information for any final sponsor required reports (e.g., Federal property reports/schedules, Service Contract Reporting)

The PI/Department should complete the Closeout Workbook received from GAO for the project.

Before approving a final invoice, the PI is responsible for ensuring that all required project deliverables and reports have been received. In addition to technical and patent/invention disclosure reports, subaward/subcontracts may also require other reports such as property and cost sharing reports. Please refer to the subaward/subcontract agreement for information on required reports or contact DSP for assistance.