Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Request Module: Step-by-Step

  • Go to the DSP Research Tracker
  • Search for the project (search examples: grant program number; DSP Item #; PI)
  • Once found, open the ‘Project’ view
  • Go to the ‘Outgoing Subawards’ section
  • Click ‘Initiate New Subaward or Amendment’
  • Walk through the Wizard
    • Step 1: Choose the type of request (New or Amendment)
    • Step 2: Select Subrecipient and/or Subaward PO as applicable
    • Step 3: Select the corresponding funding period for this subaward
  • Open New Subaward or Amendment
  • The OGS request record will open in the ‘Edit’ mode, enabling you to complete the request.  
    • Review and complete the fields in the record.  
    • Attachments:
      •  For all new and competitive cycle subaward requests, the following subrecipient documentation must be attached:
        • Subrecipient Information Form (Formerly FORM I) and its corresponding attachments from the subrecipient
        • Budget
        • Statement of Work
      • For all amendments to existing subaward agreements during a competitive cycle:
        • When adding Money – Budget
        • When Statement of Work changes – Statement of Work
        • When Deobligating – Budget
    • Make sure to ‘Save’ the request before closing the tab or browser.
  • All sections are required in order to submit your request.  The request record will validate upon ‘Save’ and ‘Submit’.  If there are any errors on the record, the system will highlight the problem sections.
  • The record will follow the Universal Workflow Path once submitted.  


Status of Outgoing Subaward (OGS) Requests

The DSP Research Tracker is where you will go to find the status of your outgoing subaward request.  

  • Search for your project or subaward number
  • Open the ‘Project’ view
  • Expand the ‘Outgoing Subawards’ section
    • Here you will see:
      • When the draft subaward agreement was sent to the subrecipient
      • When the partially signed subaward agreement has been received from subrecipient
      • The fully signed subaward agreement
      • Status of the request
      • Action 
        • Open submitted request
        • Delete draft request
        • If no action listed, this means there is more than one agreement associated with this subrecipient.  Click the ‘+’ sign on the left-hand side of the record to expand.