Monday, July 10, 2023

For awards beginning in FY 23-24, the AHA has modified its Open Data Policy to align with the NIH’s new timeline for data sharing. This will be effective for proposals received after July 1, 2023. Existing awards are subject to the policy in place when the award agreement was signed.

Revised AHA Data Sharing Policy

The AHA requires certain applicants to include a data sharing plan with the proposal. Any factual data that is needed for independent verification of research results must be made freely and publicly available in an AHA-approved repository as soon as possible, and no later than the time of an associated publication or the end of the award period (and any no-cost extension), whichever comes first.

More information about AHA Open Science Policies can be found here.

Listed below are partners:

  • DSP
  • UI Libraries Research Data Services
  • Human Subjects Office
  • ITS Research Services
  • Information Security and Policy

Other Resources

University of Iowa Research Data Policy 

List of Funder Policies

The Libraries will continue to offer assistance with drafting Data Management Plans according to funder requirements, selecting appropriate repositories, and data curation for deposits in Iowa Research Online.