Monday, October 16, 2023


This Notice reminds the extramural research community that any changes to an approved Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) (for funded awards subject to the Final NIH Policy for DMSP) requires the recipient to submit a timely formal prior approval request to the funding NIH Institute, Center, or Office (ICO) through the Prior Approval Module in eRA Commons.

This notice takes effect with functionality available Oct. 12, 2023.


If DMSP revisions are necessary (e.g., new scientific direction, a different data repository, or a timeline revision) Plans should be updated by recipients and reviewed and approved by the NIH ICO. The currently approved DMSP remains in effect for the award until the request is approved by the funding NIH ICO.

    Need Help?

    See screenshots and instructions on how to complete the Prior Approval Request


    All DMSP revision requests for NIH awarding ICO prior approval must be submitted by the Authorized Organization Representative (Signing Official [SO] role in eRA Commons) at least 30 days in advance of the requested change. The SO roles reside in DSP, so it is necessary to contact the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) at to submit the revised DMSP in Commons.

    When contacting DSP, include the following information and documents in PDF format:

    • Effective Date of the requested changes.
    • Justification Document: Provide rationale and justification for the requested changes.
    • Budget Document: If the revised DMSP impacts the budget, include information for current and future budget periods. Note: This is not a supplement request.
    • Other Supporting Documents: Attach the revised DMSP.