Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that a project view is now available on the DSP Research Tracker. The project view presents a consolidated look at an entire research project and the items that are associated with it, such as out-going sub-awards, non-monetary agreements, budgetary increments, and information on human and animal protocols. The project view also gives quite detailed status notes for contracts and shows all the investigators, both PIs and co-investigators, associated with the project.

As a reminder, the Research Tracker is a tool that combines data on routing forms, grants, contracts, and out-going sub-awards into one place. Some features include:

•           Direct access to AAAN documents, final award/contract documents, and sub-award agreements;

•           The email address of DSP reviewer assigned to your grant or contract;

•           Routing forms, still in workflow, are displayed along with proposals received by DSP;

•           Detailed and specific status descriptions of research items with DSP.

This enhancement to the Research Tracker is part of our larger electronic research administration (eRA) project. As part of this project, many existing UIRIS systems will be substantially changed and improved. As a result, the existing Contract Log in UIRIS will no longer be available after 5/22. Instead, you can use the Research Tracker to see the status of an agreement or to access the final awarded contract. Although SPRIE remains available, it too will soon be replaced or substantially changed.

We will be hosting a series of focus groups with UIRIS users on your reporting needs and desires, especially as related to SPRIE. We’re very interested in hearing your input to help guide our development of future research administration tools. If you’re interesting in participating in a focus group, or just want to offer a suggestion, please email nathan-cook@iowa.edu.