We offer the followi​ng questions/answers as a general reference, in response to common issues and concerns.

If you have a routing question not addressed here, please e-mail the Division of Sponsored Programs.

How can I view the routing paths established for PI and Co-I?

Future routing can be viewed in the Workflow section in the proposal routing form after all investigators have been added to the form. 

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May I copy a routing form from another routing form?

Yes, when you initiate a new routing form select continue from the pop-up wizard. This will create another record associated with the same project. 

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Can I print my proposal routing form?

To print the routing form, use the blue "Print PDF" button located on the upper left. 

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Is there a way to edit Cost Sha​ring once the routing form has entered the Workflow path?

Yes, you are able to edit Cost Sharing once the form has been entered into Workflow. 

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Who can submit (prepare, initiate) a routing form?

Anyone can prepare a routing form on behalf of the PI(s) and submit the form into workflow. The PI(s) will be the first approver in the routing chain. In addition, in the personnel section in the routing form there is an editor role available, people in this role can access and edit the proposal routing form. 

Who must approve the routing form in Workflow?

The PI(s) must assure and approve the form. In addition, someone on the department level and org level must also approve the form. 

Can a PI delegate authority to approve the routing form?

No, the PI (or PIs, if using a multiple-PI format) is required by Federal Regulation and Institutional policy to certify and assure information on the routing form and the proposal itself. This certification may not be delegated to another individual. See how the PI approves.

Are Co-Is required to approve the routing form?  

No, Co-Investigator (Co-I) approval is not required on the routing form but Co-I's do receive a view path of the routing form. Departmental and org-level approval is required for each Co-I, however. 

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Are Departmental Research Administrators required to approve the routing form?

No, but they may be added to the Workflow path for this form, if desired by the department.  

Can DEO/Department and Dean/org level approvals be delegated? 

Yes, DEO/Department and Dean/org approval may be delegated to individuals with the authority to review and approve the proposal and routing form.

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How will I know if my routing form arrived in DSP?  

The initiator and PI(s) will receive an auto-confirmation e-mail when the routing form has been approved by all individuals on the routing path.  The PI and department are responsible for monitoring the routing form through workflow and confirming delivery to DSP.

How will I know if the​re is a routing form awaiting my approval?

The Workflow system automatically emails individuals when a routing form enters their approval inbox. However, you might not see the email for a variety of reasons -- security settings, etc. If you expect an email notice but don’t receive it, you can go to your Workflow inbox  at https://workflow.uiowa.edu/inbox  to see all routing forms awaiting your approval. 

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